Stolen signs found, more go missing

Just when it seemed like the great sign caper had been solved, more campaign signs were stolen this week in Rochester Hills. Last week a number of candidates for Rochester Hills City Council said their signs were stolen or vandalized after being placed on supporters’ lawns. Incumbent Councilman Martin Brennan, who is not a candidate, made a police report after the signs of several candidates were vandalized on his lawn. He was still steamed Monday night, when he brought a sign that had been … [Read more...]

Mark Tisdel Running for City Council At-Large

A 22-year Rochester Hills resident, Mark Tisdel became interested earlier this year in running for public office. “In January of this year, I had a meeting with a state legislator with whom I'd developed an acquaintance over the years,” he said. “I asked about running for political office.  I was advised to contact anyone I knew on the Rochester Hills City Council to see about being appointed to a commission / committee.  Eventually, I sat down with Vern Pixley. When Vern decided not to seek … [Read more...]