Dear Crabby, Do You Have Any Ideas For a Spring Break Staycation?

Dear Crabby, Another month and everything is still shut down. Since most of us were looking forward to spring break plans (which are now canceled) I wondered if you had any great staycation ideas we could try to alleviate the endless boredom we all feel. Thanks, Serenity Ahora Dear Serenity Ahora, Staycation? I believe you mean Coronacation. That is what all the hip kids are calling this moment in history. But lucky for you, this introvert has plenty of ideas to help you get over … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What on Earth is a TARDIS?

Dear Crabby, On Christmas Day, after all the presents are opened and I’ve eaten my weight in Christmas dinner, the only thing I want to do is kick back and channel surf all the bowl games. But I was just informed by my wife our kid is having friends over to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special? I don’t even know that that is. Do you? Thanks! Frank Festivus Dear Mr. Festivus, Thanks for your question… I have no clue. Or rather, I didn’t know what you were talking about either when … [Read more...]