Spring Cider, Fresh at Yates

Once again Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills has opened for a spring pressing of fresh apple cider. Open for cider and donuts from April 15 (Tax Day) until May 10 (Mother's Day). Four full weekends to enjoy the tasty treat that usually is only available in the fall. Also opening with the spring pressing is The Ice Cream Shoppe, with cool sensations such as their Yates Donut Sundae and the Cider Crème, a blend of cider slush and vanilla custard. The list is too long to mention all their … [Read more...]

Cooking with Apples this Season

Anyone can toss a ripe Granny Smith in their lunch bag or grab a Honey Crisp on their way out the door. But this autumn, Michiganders want to consume apples in new ways as refreshing as the pomaceous fruit itself. We are curious how to add the tart, vitamin C-packed snack to our appetizer lineup before the Lions football game on Sunday; or how to embellish our family dinner and side dishes this evening; how to put a new spin on the beloved dessert found in a pie pan all the way to learning how … [Read more...]

Sweeter Cider and Shorter Lines – Now is the Time to Visit a Local Cider Mill

Michigan is a gorgeous state!  It seems like this time of year attracts more former residents and visitors than any other season.  Our autumn blesses us with fantastic colors, spooky celebrations, and a yummy harvest of good food. As the last of the leaves get stuffed in brown paper bags and the farmer’s markets end their season, we are offered a break before the big holidays.  I recommend you continue to savor the delights of Michigan and visit one of the three working cider mills in the … [Read more...]