Dear Crabby, How Do I Prepare to Get Ahead in Life?

  Dear Crabby, I'm currently working towards my nursing degree and working a part-time job while my longtime boyfriend (who finished college) is working his full-time career. I have two years left until I'm finished with school and get to enter "the real world" of house hunting, career searching, and family starting. Do you have any advice on how to prepare or get a head start in my final two years of school? Sincerely, Little Miss Future Nurse Dear Little Miss Future … [Read more...]

Young Professionals Group for those Under 40

Rochester Regional Chamber Launches Young Professionals Group On November 9 at 9:00 a.m. the Young Professionals of the Rochester (YPR) Regional Chamber of Commerce will host a morning event featuring Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan K. Barnett. YPR, which was recently initiated by the Chamber, provides professionals under the age of 40 the chance to build strong relationships, develop professionally, and become engaged in the community. “Connecting young professionals with their peers and … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Public Library Offers New Programs For Millennials

The Rochester Hills Public Library is reaching out to millennials through several new programs this summer. A recent Pew Research project found 50 percent of millennials confirm having used a public library in the last year and are the most likely demographic to read books for pleasure. Yet many library programs are focused on youth, teen and senior citizens. "At the Rochester Hills Public Library we make it a priority to serve all of the age groups in our community. These new programs … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Will I Soon Be Able to Text in a Movie Theater?

Dear Crabby, Will I soon be able to text in a movie theater or not, lol? Sincerely, I. Phony   Dear Mr. Phony, Why don't you come sit next to me at the theater and try - you'll get your answer. I get the idea that lol means you may be fibbing with me. Or you may be making fun of the proposed AMC policy that was all over the news a couple weeks ago. Either way, I'll clear it up for you and the readers. Here is the story we ran about this in mid-April: Texting at the Movies, … [Read more...]