Avon Players’ ‘Misery’ Highlights the High Price of Fame

There is a well-known adage advising people not to meet their heroes because they’ll only end up disappointed. And nowhere is this sentiment truer than in the story of Avon Players’ latest production, Misery running now through March 25, 2023, in Rochester Hills, MI. Misery is a best-selling book by famed horror novelist Stephen King, which went on to become an iconic film starring Kathy Bates and the late James Caan. The Broadway play is written by William Goldman and starred Laurie Metcalf … [Read more...]

Avon Players Presents Psychological Suspense with Stephen King’s ‘Misery’

A quaint country cabin becomes a terrifying prison for one unlucky accident victim. A writer discovers the dark side of fandom when he finds himself at the mercy of an unhinged stranger as Avon Players presents Misery running March 10 through 25 in Rochester, MI. Based on the bestselling novel by the master of horror Stephen King that became the iconic film, Misery follows successful romance novelist Paul Sheldon (Jeff Stillman), who is rescued from a car crash by his number one fan, Annie … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What if I don’t want to move?

Dear Crabby, My kids think we should move into a condominium, but I like my house. Just because we are older do we have to move into a little place that we do not know or like? Whatever happened to kids taking care of their parents, not kicking them out? Sincerely, Crusty Old-timer Dear Crusty Old-timer, Well I do not know about your relationship with your kids, but I can see that you are feeling pushed into this decision. I know that I told my mother-in-law for years that she need … [Read more...]