Dear Crabby, Front seat or back?

Dear Crabby, My kids are always fighting over who gets the front seat and who gets the back seat. How can I solve this issue for them? Sincerely, Polly Perfect Dear Polly Perfect, Ah yes, the old fighting to get away from mom routine. I have seen this and played into that trap many times. It seems like they want to be away from the parents at some ages and close to them at others. I simply told them that if they could not figure it out on their own that I would solve the problem my … [Read more...]

Peace, Love, and Coffee

I was cheerfully strolling the aisles of a local grocery store with my 2 ½-year old son, Ayrton. Actually it was more like a mad dash to collect the items I needed without a meltdown or idiotic purchase of candy and/or junk food. We were headed down the drink aisle where Ayrton noticed chocolate milk. He said, “Mmmm. Mom, I LOVE chocolate milk. What do you love?” Me: “Well, I love you!” Ayrton: “No, Mom, you love coffee.” We had a good laugh and I didn’t think much about the … [Read more...]