Dear Crabby, Do You Know the History Behind Father’s Day?

Dear Crabby, I know the history of how and why we celebrate Mother’s Day, but is there a story behind Father’s Day? While moms are very important, I sometimes feel we dads get overlooked. Thanks! Luke S. Dear Luke S., Great question! As you said, moms are very, very important people (I gotta stay on Mrs. Crabby’s good side). But as you also said, sometimes we dad get overlooked. I have often felt like stores spend big bucks for their Mother’s Day advertising and then treat Father’s … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Who Should Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Dear Crabby, A Friend Told Me that all Mom's Should be Honored on Mother's Day, is that True? My Mom has Passed Away, so I was Wondering Who Should Celebrate Mother's Day? Thank you, Mum's the Word Hello Mum's the Word, Mother's Day is a very special day and is certainly nothing to be silent over. A day to celebrate all moms, not just your own - you're friend is correct - so start stocking up on cards and chocolate now. While it is sad you cannot be with your own mom on Mother's … [Read more...]

Celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend with Virginia Weber-Hay and Art at the Rochester Hills Public Library

Rochester’s Oldest Art Teacher Celebrates Mother’s Day at RHPL The Rochester Hills Public Library is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special art exhibit from our community’s oldest art teacher and beloved mother. See the work of Virginia Weber-Hay around the library on Saturday, May 13, at 2:00 p.m.  Attendees can meet the 92-year-old artist and enjoy coffee and treats, while admiring her lifelong work.   Weber-Hay currently teaches painting at her local senior center. She says art has … [Read more...]

Real Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day is coming up in just a few short days. I hope you have great plans to honor your mother as well as the mother of your children. If you're looking for last minute ideas then this article won't help you, although I hope it inspires you to honor all mothers everywhere at any point in time. I was recently asked what my most memorable Mother's Day gift has been and I honestly didn't have an answer. I may stand alone on this (I don't think so) but for me it's the little things, the … [Read more...]

Listen to your Mother

Listen to your Mother Metro Detroit Giving motherhood a microphone since 2010, Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) comes to Detroit for the first time. Ann Imig started this production with its first appearance in Madison, WI on Mother’s Day. This year, 32 cities will host Listen To Your Mother. Saint Andrew’s Hall welcomes the event this Sunday, May 4, at 3:00 p.m. The show celebrates motherhood by bringing together online writers who cover “the real experience of motherhood.” This national … [Read more...]

Post-Mother’s Day Resolutions

I was blessed to be able to celebrate Mother's Day this past Sunday. Most of my thoughts were occupied with my children and how much I truly enjoy them. I thought a lot about my mom, my grandmas and my mother-in-law, and pondered about what made each of them special. I also thought about my friends and what wonderful mothers they are. Then, I thought about Christ and his example of being a heavenly parent to each of us. I made a mental list of things I do right and things I do wrong in the way I … [Read more...]

Free Michigan-made pregnancy app tests nutritional IQ of expecting mothers

Testing your IQ might not rise to the top of your daily to-do list, but if you are an expecting mother, state physicians urge that it’s worth considering. Testing your pregnancy nutritional IQ, that is. Two Grand Rapids-based doctors—Mark Gostine, M.D. and Gareth Forde, M.D., Ph.D. of Spectrum Health—have pioneered a pregnancy app named babyQ for smart phones, computers, tablets and handle-held gadgets alike. BabyQ quizzes, evaluates and educates mothers-to-be on their pre-neonatal … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is right around the corner so I stopped into a few of my favorite places in town to give you some gift ideas to show your mom how much you care. Talulah Belle Talulah Belle is hands down one of my favorite stores in downtown Rochester. They sit right on Main Street at 307 Main. There you will find a wide variety of women's clothing, jewelry, body care and home goods. You can check out their website at and follow them on Facebook. Here are … [Read more...]