Dear Crabby, What Was Your Favorite School Subject?

Dear Crabby, With most schools back in session, I began thinking about my school days. And it got me wondering what was your favorite school subject, and did you have a favorite or influential teacher? Thanks, Just Curious Dear Just Curious, Now given that I am such a talented writer, some of you are probably expecting me to say my favorite subject was English and you would be dead wrong. Oh, how I hated English class. We had to read sappy poetry and all that dopey Shakespeare. The … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Avon Players’ ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ Transcends a Typical Love Story

From real-life tragedy to comedy and even murder, Avon Players has taken audiences on an exciting journey during its 2017-2018 season. Now, for their curtain call it’s time for one final road trip that leads to The Bridges of Madison County. Over 25 years ago, readers fell in love with the book and soon after came the movie starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. While both these versions were wildly popular when they were released, I confess I never read the book or saw the movie. In … [Read more...]

Avon Players’ ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ Will Sweep You off Your Feet

Romantic musical explores the divide between duty and desire The love story that had book clubs and moviegoers swooning will give theatergoers something to fall in love with as Avon Players presents the soaring Jason Robert Brown musical, The Bridges of Madison County, May 18-June 2. Francesca’s (Tracy Murray) life as a farmer’s wife in rural Iowa in 1965 is far removed from her early years in Naples, Italy. After 18 years in her adopted country, she has acclimated to an existence of … [Read more...]

RHPL Announces Zinio Digital Magazines!

RHPL is pleased to announce its newest online service, Zinio digital magazines for libraries. This new service will give library users access to over 200 popular digital magazines on your computer or mobile device. With a valid Rochester Hills Library card, library users can check out an unlimited amount of magazines, keep them as long as needed and never receive any overdue fines! These magazines can easily be viewed on any Internet-enabled device inside or outside of the library. Zinio’s … [Read more...]