Dear Crabby, What is March Madness?

Dear Crabby, It seems like everyone from President Obama to the kids next door have a March Madness Bracket they are filling out these days. What are these things for? They seem more important than tax returns to some people! Sincerely, Nada Playa Dear Nada Playa, Well you must be living in some sort of box if you do not know what March Madness is all about. As you said, President Obama has gone on the air touting his bracket and many others in and out of the public eye have as well. … [Read more...]

Rochester College Presents Don Meyer

The Basketball Coaching Academy presents Two Incredible Days with Don Meyer NCAA Men’s Basketball Winningest Coach, formerly of Northern State University on May 6-7, 2011. Presented by Rochester College at Oakland Christian School. Coach Don Meyer will make his 18th straight appearance this year at the BCA. Four months after a car accident nearly killed Don Meyer, the former Lipscomb coach passed Bob Knight as the NCAA's winningest men's basketball coach. Coach Meyer’s 903-plus wins ranks him … [Read more...]

Is your child going to play NCAA sports?

Many student athletes have the dream of playing college sports, and many parents have the dream of them receiving scholarship funding. However, if neither the student nor the parent is aware of the registration process these dreams will be dashed.  I was informed this week that if any high school senior desires to get a scholarship for sports in the NCAA then they must register before September 1 of their Freshman year in College with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Please click this link to learn … [Read more...]