Top Toronto Neighbourhoods

Top Toronto Neighbourhoods (that's how they spell neighborhoods in Canada) By Michael Dwyer Entertainment District I chose to stay in the “Entertainment District” of Toronto, near the Roy Thompson Hall. Home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the hall hosts many events. Happening on the evening of my arrival, the Munk Debates were on. “The Munk Debates seek to provide a lively and substantive forum for leaders to debate the major issues facing the world and Canada,” states their … [Read more...]

Presidential primary information

Michigan will hold a Presidential Primary election on Tuesday, Feb. 28. The last day to register to vote for this election is Jan. 30. If you are not already registered, you can do so at your local municipal clerk’s office or any Secretary of State office. Under state law adopted in 2011, this is a closed primary. Voters must choose either a Republican Party or Democratic Party ballot in order to participate. The ballot you choose will include only the candidates of the party you … [Read more...]