North Hill Elementary Students Excited to do Their Part for the Environment

North Hill Elementary, through the initiatives of the North Hill Helpers, received a grant through the Peace, Love & Planet organization to purchase two large capacity recycling bins. This grant submission was for a green-based project or idea requested by a student group. “The new recycling bins have arrived and are ready for use,” said North Hill Principal Dave Murphy. “I am so proud of our students who care about the environment and want to make a difference.” North Hill Helpers … [Read more...]

Two Rochester Community Schools Designated as a National PTA School of Excellence

Meadow Brook Elementary School and North Hill Elementary School have been recognized as a 2015-2017 National PTA® School of Excellence. The National PTA School of Excellence designation honors accomplishments in building strong, effective family-school partnerships, which are proven to make a difference for students and schools. “The Meadow Brook community is proud to have received this distinction,” said Meadow Brook Principal Seth Berg. “This award speaks to the partnerships that drive … [Read more...]

North Hill Helpers craft letters for Veterans Day

After school on Thursday, North Hill Helpers exhibited patriotism and gratitude for local veterans through good ole fashioned letters. When asked why the students wanted to participate, one responded “My grandpa is a veteran and I wanted to write letters to thank people like him.” North Hill Helpers is the community service club at North Hill Elementary School. In lieu of Veterans Day, fifth grade teacher Emily Lewalski asked families to share the name and address of a veteran they know. … [Read more...]

Red, white and blue

With Veterans Day this Sunday, I am thrilled to share a peek inside the lives of two Michiganders who have courageously and selflessly protected our every freedom. As your health reporter, I was excited to connect with Rosemarie Kenny, a former U.S. Army healthcare specialist as well as to chat with former U.S Air Force drill sergeant Brad Calahan about healthcare for veterans. Be sure to join the conversation—Share your story if you are a veteran or active military member or let us know what … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Mad, Get Silly!

By Meghan Zeile These days, life spins out of control for me. With a 3-year-old son, baby #2 on the way, a bathroom/laundry room remodel, and a husband working overtime, I rarely get to sit and take a breath. I am on a schedule, getting from here to there on time and with everything clean and organized and accomplished. Or so I’d like to think. I can no longer suck down the amount of caffeine necessary to take on the world due to baby #2, thus leaving me exhausted and ready for a nap when my … [Read more...]