Special health series part two: Fortifying our endocrine system

Welcome back for part two of our health quest together. Since tackling some of the ways we can boost our heart health last week, we now forge on to another top-ranking organ set—our endocrine system. This system is complex by nature and regulates so many different functions in the bodies of both men and women and seems to touch nearly every organ in some way. All the more reason to make sure we are in tip-top-endocrine-shape. Piecing together the puzzle So what are some of the … [Read more...]

Special health series part one: Becoming heart-healthy

Welcome to part one of our health quest—the heart! Everyone wants to be healthier today, so what better place than to start with the driving organ behind all things we do in life? As mentioned last week, each part of our journey together will start with some of the body basics of the organ system we are looking to help. Then on to HOW we can chow down to support these organs, starting today! Enter, the cardiovascular system. Who are the key players in our cardiovascular … [Read more...]

Free webinar with Anne Baker: Could poor digestion be why you are sick?

(Sign up for the free webinar by emailing Anne Baker, certified nutrition therapist at anne@nourishholisticnutrition.com.) Are you one of the 100 million Americans who suffers with some type of chronic pain? ~ I was too until I discovered what was causing my pain! Or, are you one of 40-50 million people with a skin condition such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis? ~ Me too – until I followed the plan I’ll reveal in this webinar. Are you one of the 18.5 million adults (aged 18 and older) … [Read more...]

Nutrition 101: The basics of healthy eating, free class

Looking for tips on how to eat healthier this year and beyond? … [Read more...]

Immune-boosters to help you fight the flu: Advice from two Rochester area experts

By Jen Bucciarelli The best way to fight the flu this fall (and yuck, yes, the flu season is upon us—it begins in October) is to strengthen our immune system. Proactive health Eating a daily balanced diet doesn’t solely benefit our organs and help to keep us at an optimal weight; it is a habit that encourages our body to provide a protective barrier against pathogens like the flu virus. Two experts—Nancy Raymond, registered dietician and fellow in anti-aging and functional medicine of … [Read more...]