Skip the Sales and Pancakes this Memorial Day and Honor the Sacred Dead Instead

Commentary on Memorial Day, by Judge Michael Warren I love pancakes, especially at the International House of Pancakes. However, when I sat down recently at my friendly neighborhood IHOP, I was barraged at the table with the message that I should "celebrate Memorial Day" by buying red, white and blue pancakes. My stomach ached instead of hungered. We should honor Memorial Day, not cheapen it with pretty pancakes. Of course, IHOP is hardly an outlier. Look around, the crass … [Read more...]

Uniting the Country in Challenging Times

By Judge Michael Warren We live in challenging times. With a 12-hour news cycle, the hashtag culture, pointed posts, treasonous tweets, poisonous videos, vitriolic political arguments, and the demise of shame, America appears to be unraveling at the seams. Indeed, there definitely appears to be a lessening of a common culture, the atomization of our place in our society, severe political polarization, and the fracturing of common beliefs. Perhaps one of the least recognized, and … [Read more...]

Large American Flag on Display for 9/11 Anniversary

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has ordered a 60 x 30 foot American flag draped on the façade of the west wing of the Oakland County Circuit Court building in honor of those remembered during the 14th anniversary of 9/11. The flag is visible now and will remain up through Thursday, Sept. 17. “Nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives that tragic day,” Patterson said. “Since then, our military and first responders have been on the frontlines protecting our way of life. The flag is … [Read more...]