Dear Crabby, How Can I Make Halloween Less Scary?

Dear Crabby, I don’t mean to a spoilsport, but I’m a little nervous about letting my kids go out trick-or-treating this year. Lately there are so many stories on the news about missing children and don’t even get me started on the costume options—especially for young girls. Do you think I’m overreacting? Thanks! Nervous Nelly Dear Nervous Nelly, I may be an old curmudgeon, but I don’t think I’m in the minority when I say Halloween ain’t what it used to be. Back in my day most kids … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Dentist Treats Local Children During National Give Kids a Smile! Day

More than thirty local children received free dental treatment on Friday, February 4that the office of Dr. Ronald Herbst, D.D.S., who volunteered his services as part of “Give Kids a Smile!” Day.  Dr. Herbst explains, “Our practice has been part of the Rochester Community since 1984 and we understand how difficult it is for many families, especially in this tough economy to receive the care they need. Health services like dentistry are very important to the overall wellness of our children and … [Read more...]