Op-Ed: We Lack Honest Leadership in the Office of Mayor

By Ravi Yalamanchi, Candidate for Rochester Hills Mayor Friends – Recently a negative piece was sent out about me indicating that I voted NO for Police and Fire. The council votes on the entire budget and not specifically on Police and Fire. How would anyone not support their Police and Fire departments? Both departments are essential part of ensuring the quality and safety of our community. I was concerned about the entire budget planning and expenditures and opposed when it was not a … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Protect and Preserve our Parks from Oil and Gas Drilling in Rochester Hills

Please Note: The following is an opinion/editorial letter from Dr. Susan Bowyer (her credentials are listed at the end of her letter) regarding the proposed oil and gas drilling in Rochester Hills. These opinions are her own and should in no way be considered an endorsement by Rochester Media, but rather to show our continuing commitment to presenting all sides of a story and/or issue. Dear Editor: It is distressing to see discord in our city over poor decisions made by the Mayor and City … [Read more...]