Is OPC spat over?

The Rochester Older Persons Commission’s 2013 budget was approved unanimously by Rochester City Council Monday, apparently bringing to an end more than a year of wrangling over OPC oversight. The vote was unanimous, although Councilwoman Kim Russell abstained since her mother is the OPC’s executive director, Marye Miller. Council never approved the OPC’s 2012 budget and sought an opinion from Attorney General Bill Schuette as to whether OPC may have violated state law by continuing to … [Read more...]

An open letter to the Rochester Council by Scot Beaton

I understand your frustration 100% with the Rochester Hills council; I have been fighting the "fiscally responsible" battle with them for years. Even when you put 30+ hours of your own free personal time into reading their budget line item by line item...even when you send out emails and phone calls to the staff and get your "numbers" 100% right... all you get from them is three minutes at their budget public hearings and deaf ears. These 6 charts (charts I created) FY 2011 clearly explain just … [Read more...]

Just the Facts on the OPC- A Residents Opinion

"The mission of the Older Person's Commission (OPC) is to address the needs of older persons, 60-years and older, regardless of income, race, religion, nationality, physical, or mental ability that live in Rochester Hills, Rochester, and Oakland Township.The OPC's goal is to provide nutritional meals, services, health and wellness, social and educational activities, transportation, adult day services, and community outreach opportunities." page 232 Rochester Hills 2012 budget. note: next year I … [Read more...]