Immune-boosters to help you fight the flu: Advice from two Rochester area experts

By Jen Bucciarelli The best way to fight the flu this fall (and yuck, yes, the flu season is upon us—it begins in October) is to strengthen our immune system. Proactive health Eating a daily balanced diet doesn’t solely benefit our organs and help to keep us at an optimal weight; it is a habit that encourages our body to provide a protective barrier against pathogens like the flu virus. Two experts—Nancy Raymond, registered dietician and fellow in anti-aging and functional medicine of … [Read more...]

Food Selection is a Gray Area These Days

After discussing whether purchasing organic food was worth the extra cost or not, the answer really comes down to deciding how much information you want to know about the food you are buying and how your body is reacting to it. Until you buck the notion that "ignorance is bliss" when it comes to the American food system, you may be unknowingly causing health issues that will affect you both now and later. There are a lot of suggestions out there for which foods are the most important to buy … [Read more...]

Better Food: Your Health Is Worth It!

Last week we examined the difference in taste between certain organic foods and their conventional counterparts. This week, I'll share my observation on how the food you eat will greatly affect your body's ability to fight off sickness this winter. We are right in the heart of the cold and flu season, and through casual observation, I've noticed an obvious correlation between how one eats and their ability to fight those pesky bugs. My clean-eating friends who eat consciously … [Read more...]

Cheap Food: Are We Paying For It Later?

As I got out my usual morning banana today, I was inspired to contemplate the sticker that adorned the peel. It read, "Healthy homes eat organic."  I thought to myself, "Marketing ploy or truth?"  Over the next two weeks, I'm going to share my observations, and my tricks, to help you enjoy full flavors, stay within your food budget and build your immune system. After we examine some truths, we can then decide whether my banana sticker holds any value and can make the claim it does. I'm a … [Read more...]

Mind, Body, and Spirits

Mind, Body, and Spirits in Downtown Rochester An Eco-Conscious Restaurant serving local and organic meals in an inspired casual atmosphere in downtown Rochester Location:301 S. Main Street  Rochester, MI, 48307Phone:248 651-3663 Mon - Thurs:11:00 am - 10:00 pmFri - Sat:11:00 am - 11:00 amSun:11:00 am - 10:00 pm   Website:http://www.mindbodyspirits.comAttire:CasualPayment Options: Visa American Express Mastercard Culinary Team:Corporate Executive Chef - Stewart McWilliams Chef de … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Eat!

You can feel it in the air.  Kids and parents alike everywhere are just about to launch into another ten months of scheduling insanity. The piles of homework, projects, fundraisers, sports, and other activities are really just the beginning.  Don't even mention the holidays.  Yikes! Amidst all this chaos, home-cooked dinners have become a foreign concept for many families.  Quick and easy meals are a necessity these days. However, while processed and prepared foods may be easy, they are … [Read more...]