Celebrating Blended Families

I was having a difficult time coming up with something interesting to write about this week. I’m not really ready to share any fall preschool projects or pumpkin recipes. I haven’t taken my family apple picking yet, so I can’t share any tips for that. We just got bikes and I was going to share some rules and safety tips, but that doesn’t really make sense for this time of year. While I was surfing the web trying to come with some good ideas, I stumbled upon National Stepfamily Day. National … [Read more...]

Healthy, easy, and tasty Zucchini

I am super jealous of anyone who has the ability and time to garden. I love the idea of growing my own fruits and vegetables and having that bounty at my disposal. However, we are gone too often during the spring and summer to make that possible. We are also overridden with squirrels and children at my house, which I feel would be a detriment to the healthy growth of a garden. Lastly, I do not need another thing at my house that requires my constant care and attention. I already feel a little … [Read more...]