Hostelling for the Not-So-Young

Maybe your friend is in Australia right now? Perhaps your daughter is backpacking Europe this summer before she starts college? Or, maybe your parents are driving the western states coastline? Chances are, hostels may be one their accommodation choices and it doesn't matter what their age is ... Hostelling for the Not-So-Young (part one) Running around the world with a backpack, jumping on trains and buses, and sleeping in hostels may seem like an adventure for college students on summer … [Read more...]

Canal Cruise in Southern France

The Night before the Cruise Arriving in Europe is always a shock for me. While I love Europe, that first day across the ocean is rough; after traveling all night, changing planes in Paris, and losing several hours to the time change, everything seems a bit off. I am sleepy, but excited. Today is just an adjustment day; I begin a much-awaited cruise tomorrow – I will be traveling on the Canal du Midi in the south of France.         I chose to overnight in Montpellier – it is a smart idea to … [Read more...]

The History of Himelhochs

The first Himelhoch’s clothing store opened on Washington Boulevard in downtown Detroit in 1907. Fifty years later, the chain had stretched across the country, and even to Paris. But in 1977, the company filed for bankruptcy and closed. Its original location on Washington has been preserved as a historic landmark. … [Read more...]