Dear Crabby, Why Do People Dislike Pit Bulls?

Dear Crabby, I’ve been following the story of Diggy the dog in The Oakland Press and whether or not his owners should be allowed to keep him because there is a ban on pit bulls in Waterford. Why does it seem like there is no love for this breed? Thanks, Greg Growler Dear Mr. Growler, Good gracious. Are people still yammering on about this? I think the first time I gave my two cents on this issue was four years ago! In case your memory is as flighty as mine, let me summarize what I … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should Pit Bulls be Banned?

Dear Crabby, I have heard that these Pit Bulls are dangerous and unpredictable. A neighbor down the street has a dog that looks like a Pit Bull - should I be scared? Should these Pit Bulls be banned nationwide? Sincerely, Polly Protective Dear Ms. Protective, I really don't know the right answer on this one. On one hand, I don't think any animal should be allowed to be a threat to the civilian world, but on the other hand, I'm not sure how you legislate one specific breed of … [Read more...]

Pit Bulls: To Ban or Not To Ban?

Recently the Rochester Hills City Council and administration discussed the need for a breed specific pit bull ban following a few occurrences of pit bulls attacking other dogs. This debate drew much discussion from community members on the pros and cons of banning a specific breed from the community. It is important during any emotional debate to take a step back and review the facts so that a knee jerk reaction does not cause an over reach of government. Councilman Webber's Response … [Read more...]