Dear Crabby, How Brutal Will This Winter Be?

Dear Crabby, I recently moved to the Detroit area from Seattle and the snowstorm this past weekend was wicked! Is this what I can expect this winter and how should I prepare? Thanks, Stan Shivers Dear Mr. Shivers, Welcome to Michigan! We usually like to say, ‘Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes and it will change.’ However, I think the cold and snow are here to stay. ‘Alll aboard the Siberian Express!’ Apparently calling it a Polar Vortex is so 2014. Gotta love these catchy … [Read more...]

Two snowstorms and cleanup cost RCOC nearly $3 million and 9,000 hours of O/T work

The back-to-back snowstorms that dumped nearly two feet of snow on Oakland County between Dec. 31 and Jan. 11 cost the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) nearly $3 million to clean up and required the use nearly 9,000 hours of overtime work by RCOC staff. “This was an historic series of events,” explained RCOC Chairman Greg Jamian. “First, the storm that started New Year’s Eve brought about six inches of snow. Four days later, just as we were completing cleanup of that storm, the … [Read more...]