Hills voters to decide new police funding strategy

At four paragraphs, Rochester Hills’ August 7 ballot proposal is lengthier than most. It’s also a bit more complex. Is it a tax increase, or isn’t it? If not now, is there the potential for a tax increase down the road? This year, more than ever, homework is required before entering the voting booth. The proposal is based on the recommendation of a citizen committee formed in 2007 to look for ways to address a structural deficit in police and road funding. Two dedicated police millages … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Police Millage

On August 7, Rochester Hills voters will be asked to approve a millage to fully fund the cost of Police services for our City.  The committee was formed in 2007 to analyze Police and Road Funding and propose short and long term strategies to City Council for review and deliberation.  For the past four years, over 50 meetings, dozens of residents emails and facebook comments, several public hearings and town hall open discussions, the committee concluded with the current ballot question. Our … [Read more...]

Hills to get police ballot proposal

On a 6-1 vote, Rochester Hills City Council voted Monday to place a police funding proposal on the August 7 ballot. The proposal will ask voters to renew two expiring police taxes totaling 1.2083 mills for 10 years, plus up to 2.5 mills of new revenue, all to be dedicated to police services. Separately, council also passed a resolution expressing its intent to reduce general-fund spending by the same amount of new tax levied so the outcome would be tax-neutral. “The tax rate will not … [Read more...]