Dear Crabby, Why Do People Complain About Getting Wet At The Pool?

Dear Crabby, Every summer, it's the same thing. I take my kids to a community pool, and there's always someone who gets mad about the kids splashing in the water. What's their deal? Don't they realize that's what kids are supposed to do in a cold pool on a hot summer day? Sincerely, Getting Heated Dear Getting Heated, Well I am probably one of those irritating folks that would be yelling at the kids too - but that's just what I do!  I can see where some people just want to enjoy the … [Read more...]

New Rochester Swim School Opens on South Street

Ribbon Cutting is a Splash Brian Bayer of the new Goldfish Swim School in Rochester states at their grand opening that they “teach the life lesson of swimming.” Swimming really is one of those life skills everyone should have. Brian and his wife, Hope, currently own two franchise Goldfish Swim Schools. Their first one is in Farmington Hills and they plan to open a third location in Macomb next year. From four months to 12 years old, kids can learn to swim year-round in a 90 degree indoor … [Read more...]