Oh, baby! Fair comes to Crittenton Hospital

Wait! Do not skip this article just because you aren’t pregnant or don’t have a baby! Do not miss the Baby Fair either. I’m serious! You’ll be really disappointed if you do. I went last year and was so excited. Yes, Whole Foods was there, I was 6 months pregnant and they gave me free food. However, it still would’ve been awesome without that. I gathered a ton of information and met a lot of people who are involved in various aspects of pregnancy, birth and child rearing. If you have a child … [Read more...]

Rochester’s Best in Womens Health

On January 3, 2013 we welcomed a sweet little girl into our family. This was my second pregnancy and I felt certain that I would be more calm and relaxed than my first pregnancy. Wrong. I was a basket case. I’m not sure if it was because I had too much information at my fingertips or because I had heard so many sad and tragic stories. I think the biggest reason is that because I already had a child I knew how much I would love this second one and how devastating a loss would be. That being said … [Read more...]