Dear Crabby, How Can Some People Smell Rain Coming?

Dear Crabby, How can some people smell rain coming? Is it true they can smell it before it even gets to their location? Wonderingly, Super Sniffer   Dear Super Sniffer, You may have to retrain that sniffer of yours, because it's true, some people can smell the rain's a comin'. Call it intuition or an old farmer's trick, when the right weather conditions exist, anyone's nose can become a weather predictor ... at least for rain. But how does it work? A few things can happen … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do you like tent camping?

Dear Crabby, My son wants me to stay overnight in a tent with him, but I just do not want to. Have you ever had this dilemma? If so what did you do to get out of it? Sincerely, Bad Dad Dear Bad Dad, Oh the joys of sleeping out in nature under the stars and being one with nature! Ya, it’s not my thing either. I have spent a few nights out there in my life, but none of my experiences made me want to do it again. The first time I stayed out was during summer camp when I was in the fifth … [Read more...]