Back to School in… July?

While it may seem irritating to be talking about back to school in July, you can redirect that energy into a worthwhile cause as Rochester Area Neighborhood House kicks off its annual school supply drive to support the children of low income families in our community. As with all their programs related to children, Rochester Area Neighborhood House strives to make sure the children in struggling families have the same opportunities available to them as any other child in any other family. You … [Read more...]

Tribute to Tom Thomas, Owner of Ram’s Horn, Rochester Hills

To friends, family, and anyone that met him, Tom George Thomas was more than an average guy. Born in Detroit, Michigan on June 12, 1928 to two Greek Nationals, Thomas learned to “seize the day” from an early age. When he was only nine years old, Thomas was spotted jumping off the Belle Isle Bridge into the Detroit River to join his older brother Manuel who was swimming across the channel. He was mentioned by name in Neil Shine’s famous book about a family growing up in Detroit during the 1930’s … [Read more...]