Letter to the Editor: Vote Ravi Yalamanchi for Our Future

I have been a resident of Rochester Hills for nearly 30 years, raising 3 children who are graduates of Rochester Community Schools and now 5 grandchildren are attending the schools their parents attended. I’m a former Chairman of the Board of the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce and a 20-year small business owner. I have spent my work and family life in this community - I am more than vested. Last evening my husband, granddaughter and I gathered with a group of residents to keep … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Rochester Hills Election

As a parent in Rochester Hills, I respect the fact that Mayor Barnett, and his family, are active members in our community. I have come across the mayor and his family at many community events, even when he is not performing “mayor duties.” This shows that the mayor and his family truly love and care about our city, which is exactly the type of person I want leading our Rochester Hills! I also, greatly respect the fact that his children attend Rochester Community Schools. This proves that he is … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Investing in Schools is Investing in our Kids

Strong and successful education is vital for economic self-sufficiency of the individual and economic growth of the community and nation. In greater Rochester area we have Rochester Community Schools (RCS). Strong schools are reflective of a strong housing market and vibrant neighborhoods. City of Rochester Hills and City of Rochester have been recognized in the top best cities within their population range. One of the key reasons that contributed to the recognition is great teachers and good … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Yalamanchi Believes in Transparency

This year Rochester Hills has an election Tuesday November 3 for Mayor, City Council, OPC, Library Board, and RARA. If you cannot go to the polls on November 3, you can still vote by going to city hall at the clerk"s office next to the term limited Mayor’s Office even on Saturday Oct 31. I encourage you to vote for Ravi Yalamanchi. He understands our community with his eight years on City Council. He has a number of ideas to bring standards up and costs down. He believes in transparency, … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Time for a Change

Ravi Yalamanchi has my vote for Mayor of Rochester Hills for the following reasons. As a resident for over 30 years and a local practicing attorney, I find Ravi, a refreshing change. Ravi is the polar opposite from the current Mayor’s constant self-promotion and indifference to the intent of the voters as to the preservation of our parks and green space. Further I find it unacceptable that the current Mayor has cheapened the intent of our City charter and recent amendments (prohibition against … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Rochester Hills Mayoral Race

Let’s Keep a Good Thing Going? Sure -- For The Term Limited Mayor! With a cushy job making over $100k, complete with car, generous travel expense account for his frequent trips to Washington DC, (and Saudi Arabia?) and unlimited taxpayer funded video productions for numerous vlog entries, no wonder Bryan Barnett still wants to be mayor. For the past 9 years, Barnett has had it pretty good while the rest of our residents fought to keep jobs, took huge concessions with their pay as well as … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: The Best is Yet To Come

I have lived in Rochester Hills my entire life: all 23 years, 2 months, and 16 days. I remember as a child driving south down Adams Road every morning to get to school. Many times the sky was still dark but one could make out rays of light from the rising sun offering the first of many beautiful views of the day. The dew from dawn set heavy on the trees and grass and, the landscape was so tremendous it reached farther than the eye could see. As a Rochester Hills resident who is also a young … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Ravi Respects Rochester Hills and its Residents

As November 3rd approaches and the all-important election for Mayor of Rochester Hills nears, I reflect on the campaign and see the contrasts between the candidates. One side continues to try to trick the public by using false negative tactics of providing disinformation and tries to justify not following the intent of the city charter that calls for only two elected terms. Bryan Barnett wants to keep his “good old boy system” in place. This system has been in effect too long, and it does not … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Ravi Stands Up for the City

I can't imagine anyone, including Ravi, not supporting our fire and police departments. If you took the time to see how the entire budget approval was set up, you would see the fire and police proposal, which was a given on its own merit, was thrown into the pot with other proposals that cost the city to unnecessarily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over a five-year period. This was politics in motion and a well thought out plan to get what the Mayor and Council wanted on the backs of … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Yalamanchi’s Mayoral Campaign Run with Quiet Dignity

How often do you hear people saying that they are ready for some positive change when it comes to our government and elected officials? We are ready for campaigns and governing to start getting real, making some sense and showing some honesty and integrity. We all know only to well that these things are very rare in today’s political world. With this in mind, we want to thank and commend Ravi Yalamanchi on his mayoral campaign. He has run a campaign with the quiet dignity that he will bring … [Read more...]