Letter to the Editor: Firefighters Support Bryan Barnett

Mayoral candidate Ravi Yalamanchi recently sent a mailer to residents of Rochester Hills insinuating that he has the support of the local Rochester Hills Fire Department. That IS NOT Rochester Hills FD. Where he got that picture. Who knows? The Rochester Hills Professional Fire Fighters Local #3472 does NOT support Ravi. He has a bad record of not supporting Public Safety in Rochester Hills. Please stop using firefighters in your campaign. In a recent op-ed Ravi said, “Recently a negative … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Rochester Hills Residents Want a Mayor with Integrity

Negative and divisive flyers and Robo calls sent from the Barnett campaign under false pretenses is very serious lack of judgment which has been indicative of the Barnett administration. The Yalamanchi campaign has verified that the Rochester Hills Fire Chief and the President of the Firefighters Association had no knowledge that the Barnett campaign had PAID to put out such messaging. This type of behavior is reflective of the Barnett's administration of cheap politics and negative behavior. It … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Ravi Respects and Supports Public Safety

It was the greatest honor of my career to act as Interim Dean for the Oakland Community College CREST Center for first responders. CREST, Combined Regional Emergency Services Training, continues to expand their academic programs as well as advanced and custom professional development. CREST is a premiere training site for first responders locally, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, during my tenure as Executive Director of the Center for Executive Education and Oakland University, OU … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Best is Yet to Come Under Yalamanchi Leadership

To Whom It May Concern: As a long time Rochester Hills Resident, business owner and involved in many community organizations, I find it disconcerting that the current Barnett administration insults the intelligence of Rochester Hills residents by cheap gimmicks and mockery of our City Charter. Historically, terms limits have been abided by every Mayor that has held office since 1984. Bryan Barnett has served nearly 10 years in office as Mayor (2 years of the previous Mayor) and 6 years on … [Read more...]

Candidates for Rochester Hills Mayoral Race with VIDEO

Rochester Media and The Community Edge had a chance to capture video of all three candidates running for mayor of Rochester Hills. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. While there will be only two names on the ballot that day, there are three full bids for the seat. Jim Stevens and Ravi Yalamanchi are on the ballot and Mayor Bryan Barnett is running as a Write-In candidate. Each video is about three minutes, please take a few moments to hear from all three candidates. First up is Jim Stevens, … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: We Lack Honest Leadership in the Office of Mayor

By Ravi Yalamanchi, Candidate for Rochester Hills Mayor Friends – Recently a negative piece was sent out about me indicating that I voted NO for Police and Fire. The council votes on the entire budget and not specifically on Police and Fire. How would anyone not support their Police and Fire departments? Both departments are essential part of ensuring the quality and safety of our community. I was concerned about the entire budget planning and expenditures and opposed when it was not a … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Candidates Debate

The Rochester Hills City Council and Mayoral Candidates held their debates on Monday evening. Here is the full video: Read Paul Kampe's article from The Oakland Press for more about the debate. … [Read more...]

It’s Time For Change in Leadership – The Best is Yet to Come!

By Ravi Yalamanchi, Candidate for Mayor – Rochester Hills Like many families, my wife Anitha and I chose to make Rochester Hills our home. This is where we chose to raise our daughter. With God’s blessings, and through hard work and perseverance we have had the fortune of living the American Dream and doing our best to give back to the community. Over the years, I have had the privilege of being actively engaged with Avondale Youth Assistance, Paint Creek Trailways, Green Space, OPC, … [Read more...]

Building a Better Future Together… The Best is Yet to Come

By Ravi Yalamanchi, Candidate for Mayor – City of Rochester Hills After serving eight years as a Council Member for Rochester Hills and Treasurer and Commissioner of OPC, it is truly an honor to be a candidate for Mayor of our wonderful city – Rochester Hills. The premise of my candidacy is about community engagement, providing honest and trusted leadership with integrity. My background includes 30 years of Management, Business, Finance, Budgeting and Community Planning experience and … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett Could Face Additional Candidates in Primary Election

The road to the Rochester Hills Mayor's office is getting crowded. Incumbent Mayor Bryan K. Barnett announced that he would run in this year's race as a write-in candidate to circumvent the position's term limits. Former City Councilman Ravi Yalamanchi has also thrown his name in the race and now Jim Stevens has joined in as well, which means on August 4, residents will have three candidates to choose from, with only two moving on to the November election. Read the full story on The … [Read more...]