Remembering Ray H. Lawson

In Memory of Ray H. Lawson By Deborah Larsen Most children watching the Rochester Christmas Parade keep their eyes peeled for the last unit in line—that’s Santa Claus, after all. As a child, I was equally fascinated with the first unit in the parade. Right there at front and center, just after the slow-rolling police cruiser, in every year for what seemed like decades, was Ray Lawson. Proudly wearing his crisp American Legion uniform, his white-gloved hands firmly holding the staff of the … [Read more...]

Rochester High School Honors Former Teacher Ray Lawson

Rochester High School Falcons celebrated the educational leadership of former teacher, Ray Lawson, by naming the school’s lower collaboration space, media center, and mall area in his honor. The name of the areas will now be referred to as the Ray Lawson Learning Commons. The senior classes of Rochester High School donated a bronze statue of a falcon, weighing 250 pounds with a wing span of four feet, to honor Lawson. The statue is mounted on a six-foot tall pillar that overlooks the … [Read more...]