Dear Crabby, Should we choose paper or plastic?

Dear Crabby, I am asked if I want paper or plastic every time I cash out at the grocery store. Does it really matter what I choose? Sincerely, Sally Not-Green Dear Sally Not-Green, That's a great question! I have often wondered that as well. I am all for saving the whales and keeping the glaciers frozen, but I have always felt suspicious about these recycling efforts that the government is behind. I know if you search for "recycling hoax" on the Internet all sorts of things come up … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Schools Awarded First Recyclebank Grant

Rochester Hills, Michigan – Recyclebank gets to the root of what it means to “live a green life” through its latest initiative, the Green Schools Program. Rochester Hills was the first city to offer the recycling program in the state, and now they celebrate another first. Hamlin Elementary and Brooklands Elementary have been selected as the first schools in Michigan to receive a grant that will allow them to bring their schools environmental projects to life.  "Through our partnership with … [Read more...]