New Voter Cards Mailed to 8,000 Hills Residents

The city of Rochester Hills has sent out 8,000 new voter-registration cards and 5,000 letters to let residents know something has changed about their voting process for the upcoming August 2 primary election. Thanks to the quick turnaround time of the 2010 federal census, population information was received much earlier than in previous census years, city Clerk Jane Leslie said. Because a state law imposes a deadline on updating voting precincts and districts to reflect population shifts, the … [Read more...]

As Primary Approaches, Rochester Hills is Redistricted

The three candidates running for the District 2 seat on Rochester Hills City Council and several thousand voters just had their districts changed. Census information arrived earlier than usual this year, putting the normal redistricting that follows it smack in the middle of election season. In order to balance the city’s four council districts and all of its precincts, as required by law, council voted 4-2 Monday to approve a redistricting plan drawn up by City Clerk Jane Leslie. But the … [Read more...]