Dear Crabby, My To-Do List Needs Help

Dear Crabby, I'm always running late and missing appointments. I have tried to keep to do lists, but quite honestly, I usually forget to make them.  Worse than that, even if I do remember to make them, I often fail to look at them!  I need some tips from someone who has experience in staying organized. Sincerely, Sally Scattered Dear Ms. Scattered, Oh my, you are going to get me in a heap of trouble this week!  This topic has been a boiling point for the missus and me for quite some … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, I Can’t Remember Anything!

Dear Crabby, I can't seem to remember anything anymore!  I keep forgetting things all the time. Do you know of any tried and true methods that I could use to improve my memory? Sincerely, Ida Noe Dear Ida Noe, That is one of life's greatest questions for those in my generation. It seems that as time goes on, my memory gets worse and worse. I think back to 20 or 30 years ago when I was taught to do things like tie a string on my finger, or write a letter on my hand in order to … [Read more...]