Dear Crabby, Should We Retire Out of State?

Dear Crabby, I'm so tired of the cold weather, should we retire out of state and leave Michigan? Sincerely, Chilly Willy Dear Chilly Willy, I understand your frustration with our Michigan winters. So far this year it seems to be a repeat of last year, but without the snowfall. Warmer climates can be intoxicating when you’re wearing everything you own and you look like that kid from A Christmas Story. More than half the country will have freezing temperatures this week, so I’m sure … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What is The Federal Reserve?

Dear Crabby, I see the words “Federal Reserve Note” written on the top of all of our bills in the United States. There are other words too, like “legal tender” and “United States Treasurer” as well as pictures of former presidents and a strange pyramid with an eye looking at me. Is this all from our government, or some independent organization? Sincerely, Shomee DaMoney Dear Shomee DaMoney, I have never claimed to be a smart man. I pay attention, I do my job, and occasionally I whine about … [Read more...]