Community Kindness

The last time my husband went to the grocery store, the checkout clerk told him how friendly our special needs son was on our previous trip there. She mentioned how happy he seemed with "the nanny." The thing is, we don't have a nanny. Trust me, I'd love a nanny — I dream of what it would be like if we did. And I'll take it as a compliment that I look young enough compared to my husband to be confused as "the nanny." What made this humorous experience so notable to me wasn't the flattering … [Read more...]

Food Selection is a Gray Area These Days

After discussing whether purchasing organic food was worth the extra cost or not, the answer really comes down to deciding how much information you want to know about the food you are buying and how your body is reacting to it. Until you buck the notion that "ignorance is bliss" when it comes to the American food system, you may be unknowingly causing health issues that will affect you both now and later. There are a lot of suggestions out there for which foods are the most important to buy … [Read more...]

Hollywood Market Gives back!

Your neighborhood Hollywood Market is pleased to be completing three years at the corner of Tienken and Rochester Road in Rochester Hills.  Three years since Hollywood Market and the Welch family finally were able to open a Hollywood in a community they had strived to join for over two decades. As a member of Rochester Hills,  we have been able to participate in and support many different events, schools, and churches, and look forward to growing our local involvement in the future. Coming in … [Read more...]