Christmas Tree Chipping in Rochester

Rochester Department of Public Works (DPW) will provide Christmas Tree Chipping The chipping of Christmas trees will begin the first week of January and will continue on a weekly basis for the month of January. Please leave the tree at the curb and remove all the garland, lights, bulbs and any other decorations. If there are any decorations on the tree, it will not be picked up. In the event of snow, the DPW will re-prioritize efforts and the service will be provided but will be … [Read more...]

Curbside Leaf Collection Extended for Rochester

The Rochester Department of Public Works (DPW) leaf crews will continue the 5th round of leaf collection this week and are currently still west of Main St. Due to favorable weather conditions over the course of the next week, the DPW will be extending leaf collection activities through December 8. Please understand that the equipment that the DPW uses for leaf collection activities are also chipping equipment as well as salt and plow trucks. We will continue to keep our residents up … [Read more...]

Rochester Summer Roadway Maintenance

Water is the most destructive element to our pavements and a good preventive maintenance program always includes crack sealing. We need to prevent water intrusion into our pavements and slow the deterioration as much as possible to extend our pavement’s life. The City of Rochester has hired an expert contractor to seal the joints and cracks in some of our streets this summer. This process entails routering the crack, blowing out dirt and debris with compressed air, and then injecting a hot … [Read more...]