Rochester Hills City Hall Reopens

The City of Rochester Hills will Open to the Public Starting Monday, June 15 To ensure the safety of both residents and employees, the city has implemented a number of new features to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  All employees will be required to complete screening procedures before coming into work. Face masks, hand sanitizer stations, and single-use pens will be available to all visitors that come to City Hall. Floor markings to clearly mark social distancing spacing for guests … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills City Hall Grass Cutting

A reader sent in couple of photos of a commercial lawn mower being used to cut the grass at the Rochester Hills City Hall and Offices off Avon Road. They wondered why they can hire it done but residents cannot. Our guess is that there is a loophole in the law allowing municipalities to do what government won't allow lawn services to do for residents. These photos were taken Monday, April 20, 2020. What are your thoughts? Comments welcome. Normally, lawn services plan on April 15 as the … [Read more...]

Rochester Area Republican Club Candidate Night

In a recent press release, the Rochester Area Republican Club (RARC) stated it is hosting a Republican Candidate Night on Thursday, June 5 and inviting all Republican candidates for office to attend. This is an opportunity for the community to meet the candidates for office and find out where they stand on the issues. Theresa Mungioli, event coordinator, said, “We know area voters like to meet the candidates, especially those running for State Senate, State Representative, Supreme Court and … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Seeks Community Input for Updated Parks and Recreation Plan

Rochester Hills, Michigan – In its continuing effort to provide quality recreational opportunities for its citizens, the City of Rochester Hills is seeking public input as they update and replace the current Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Parks and Recreation Plan, along with the 2005 Master Land Use Plan, is a continuing effort by the city to establish updated recreational goals and objectives for the community. The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to provide … [Read more...]