Y-O-Y-O, You Are On Your Own

Unfortunately it keeps proving its self true over and over with every local, national and worldly disaster we encounter.  Help will be there but will it be soon enough?  Let’s face it, trained emergency responders such as firefighters and police officers make up less than 1% of the population.  It’s not hard to figure out that they can not be everywhere needed during a large scale incident.  So, you’re on your own.  Are you prepared to help yourself, your family or neighbors?  If you haven’t … [Read more...]

Do You Have Working Smoke Alarms?

By: Rochester Hills Fire Department Since they first became widely available in the 1970’s, smoke alarms have proved over and over their live saving worthiness.  These simple, affordable, readily available and easy to use life saving devices can truly make the difference in the outcome of a fire in your home. To learn more about smoke alarms, you can go to: http://www.usfa.dhs.gov or call the Rochester Hills Fire Department at 248-656-4720.  Also, still available to all residents of Rochester … [Read more...]

Fire in Rochester Hills September 8th – Video Footage

On Wednesday September 8, 2010 at 1:25 a.m. Rochester Hills Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire in the 1000 Block of Grandview.  The first arriving units reported a single family dwelling with fire burning through the roof.  Upon investigation, it was found that all occupants had exited the house without injuries.  Crews from three Rochester Hills Fire Stations were on the scene into the morning completely extinguishing the blaze.  It does not appear that the high winds … [Read more...]

Fire in Rochester Hills on Saturday September 4

On Saturday September 4, 2010 at 11:30 P.M., Rochester Hills Fire Department responded to a reported garage fire in the 1900 block of Carter Road.  The first arriving units reported fire through the roof of the garage spreading into the attic of the house.  The fire quickly spread through the house preventing fire crews from entering.   All the occupants were out of the house and there were no injuries.  Firefighters from Rochester Hills and Rochester were on the scene into the morning … [Read more...]