48th Art & Apples Festival features Annual Baking Contest

The 48th Annual Art & Apples Festival is in search of the finest, most imaginative, bakers looking to capture their talents as self-proclaimed apple dessert connoisseurs. Interested bakers may submit either and apple pie or apple dessert with apples as the main ingredient. Applications are available at www.ArtandApples.com. The non-refundable application fee is $5 and must be submitted by Tuesday, September 3, 2013.  All proceeds benefit Paint Creek Center for the Arts. Participating … [Read more...]

Classic Packards roll into town

 Motor City Packards, a region of Packard Automobile Classics (The Packard Club) is hosting the 2013 national convention from Sunday, June 23, 2013 through Friday, June 28, 2013.  The host hotel is the Marriott Centerpoint at 3600 Centerpoint Parkway, Pontiac, MI. Packard club members are gathering to celebrate the history and heritage of the Packard Motor Car Company in the motor cities area. Over 500 people are expected to attend - some coming from as far away as England, Qatar and South … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Mad, Get Silly!

By Meghan Zeile These days, life spins out of control for me. With a 3-year-old son, baby #2 on the way, a bathroom/laundry room remodel, and a husband working overtime, I rarely get to sit and take a breath. I am on a schedule, getting from here to there on time and with everything clean and organized and accomplished. Or so I’d like to think. I can no longer suck down the amount of caffeine necessary to take on the world due to baby #2, thus leaving me exhausted and ready for a nap when my … [Read more...]

Rochester’s new parks and rec plan debuts

Wondering what the city of Rochester is planning for its parks? During the month of March, the city will offer residents a peek at the proposed new Park and Recreation Master Plan. The 30-day comment periord leads up to a public hearing by the master planning committee on April 2 at 7:30 p.m. The city has been working on a five-year plan which will serve as a guide for the development and improvement of the city’s parks. The committee will take public comments during the hearing, which … [Read more...]

What do I do with bored kids?

Dear Crabby, It's summer vacation and my kids tell me everyday that they're bored! What can I do around town that won't cost a fortune?  - Frazzled Mom Dear Frazzled, Ah yes, summer vacation, the two words that bring joy to the hearts of children and fear into the hearts of mothers. In true advice column form, I will begin by asking you a question. Why did you have children in the first place? Social status? Peer pressure? Future security? Mrs. Crabby and I chose to have children because … [Read more...]