Author’s Corner: Creating Fresh Metaphors

I talked the last time about the main types of metaphor. Now, as promised, I will try to provide some help creating fresh ones, and give an indication of where best to place them in your work Tip 1: Avoid clichés As for spotting clichéd language, you can use the advice of George Orwell: “Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.” Most people can pick out a dead metaphor but it is possible to miss some. Tip 2: Change a cliché into a … [Read more...]

Author’s Corner: How to Get the Most from Your Metaphors

Metaphors What are they, and when is the best time to deploy them? What should you avoid at all costs? Metaphors are, and will likely always be, a major pillar of most fiction. Used to liven up descriptive writing, metaphors are primarily a comparison tool. Along with similes, they make up most of our well-known ‘figure of speech’ idioms. However, where a simile uses “like a …” or “as a …” – for example, her eyes sparkled like jewels – metaphors are a way of describing an emotion, … [Read more...]