Everyone Can Make a Better First Impression in 15 Seconds

You don’t want to miss this public event sponsored by your local Rotary clubs. This lunch event will feature international speaker and author Michael Angelo Caruso. Mr. Caruso’s program will cover how to execute the perfect handshake, diffuse an angry customer, craft an impressive elevator speech, create value in your first words to someone and so much more. Use this content to become a better person, be more influential and even get promoted. Everyone can make a better first … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why can’t a retired guy stay retired?

Dear Crabby, I retired a year or so ago, but for some reason my wife insists that I go out and continue to work a menial job. Why shouldn't I be able to sit around at home and relax? I mean, I put my 30 years in already. She works a part-time job and feels that I need to be more productive, even though I have taken care of the house and the cars and all of our basic needs with my income over the years. Help me - I'm very frustrated! Sincerely Overworked in Orion, Dear Overworked in … [Read more...]