Road Commission Board Votes to Keep Current Positions

The three-member Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) Board, at its regularly scheduled meeting on January 14, reelected Ron Fowkes to a second term as Board chairman and Eric Wilson as vice chairman. The third Board member is Greg Jamian. The Board traditionally elects its officers at the first meeting of the new year in January. “I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead of us in 2016,” Chairman Fowkes said. “We are committed to providing the safest roads in Michigan,” Fowkes … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s the Deal with Roundabouts?

Dear Crabby, Years ago I visited England for work and had my first exposure to roundabouts. I remember being so thankful that my guide was doing the driving and not me, and that we didn’t have these silly things in the United States. Fast-forward to the present and roundabouts are popping up all over Oakland County! They’re supposed to ease congestion, but all I see are a lot of angry motorists. What do you think about them? Thanks, Driving in Circles Dear Driving in Circles, You’re … [Read more...]

Resident Opinion on a Proposal for Tienken Rd and Livernois east to Sheldon Rd

I want this to be our idea (the residents of Rochester Hills) Let's rebuild Tienken Rd. as a 2 lane 40mph (design speed)* parkway with bike lanes and sidewalks (est. cost $9,500,000.00 million) roughly the same amount as original 5 lane highway and not the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) new 50mph (design speed)* 3 lane highway (est. $8,158,400.00 million) proposal ($3,944,400.00 in right-of-way purchases) ($4,214,000.00 construction cost). If our goal is Birmingham, Northville, … [Read more...]

What Do You Think About Roundabouts?

Dear Crabby, My city is installing all these roundabouts in my area and they scare me to death!  I am especially scared that my teenage son will get into an accident on one of them.  What is your opinion? Sincerely, Turning Crazy Mom Dear Turning Crazy, I have seen these roundabouts all over the place, and I too heard we will be getting more in the future.  I personally don't mind them.  My trusty Oldsmobile and I have been through a lot together and this is just one more thing.  I … [Read more...]

Roundabouts; Cheaper to build and safer.

Does that mean we should have one at every intersection? Definitely not. In fact there are many intersections in our city where a roundabout would not make an improvement. Even with federal grant dollars we need to continue to use discretion. The infamous roundabout at 18 1/2 and Vandyke is a perfect example of why civic leaders and engineers need to exercise careful consider. It’s important to note however that while many motorists have been reportedly uncomfortable maneuvering through the … [Read more...]