Tackling your treadmill

I'm finally an owner of a treadmill for the first time in my life. I'm actually writing this article as the belt zips under my feet. The cold reality that my extra post-pregnancy pounds won't simply vanish has finally sunk in. Harsh temperatures that brought my long stroller walks with my toddler to a halt. The bank account notes that I can't afford a Lifetime Fitness membership. So, thanks to finding the cheapest treadmill around, I'm done with excuses. This new feeling is kind of scary. … [Read more...]

Former Mich. man runs 8 marathons in 9 days: His advice on how to tune in to your run

Physically, it is something he never perceived possible. Even with his 21 years of training and experience as an ultra-marathoner. At 46-years-old, Brian Tate challenged his body to an amazing feat last month—he wanted to run eight marathons in nine days. Yes, that totals to 209.6 miles in less than two weeks. Anyone might respond in jaw-dropping awe. And not too much surprises Tate these days with his running, but this time he was shocked. “There is no physical way I can imagine that I … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What about this Couch to 5k business?

Dear Crabby, I was recently made aware of a program called "Couch to 5k."  It is for couch-potatos like myself that want to train to be able to run a 5k race.  Have you heard of things like this?  What do you think about them? Sincerely, Happy Potato Dear Happy Potato, I am actually aware of this program. Mrs. Crabby brought it to my attention a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of only hearing bits and pieces of what she tells me. So as she went on and on one day … [Read more...]

How Do I Start Exercising?

Dear Crabby, I just had my annual physical and the doctor says I'm a little overweight and that my cholesterol is at a dangerous level!  He wants me to go on a diet and start exercising immediately.  How do I do that?  I've never been one to do either! Sincerely, Running for My Lazy Boy Dear Running for My Lazy Boy, I have never been one to exercise on purpose. I personally think it's bad for the body. That being said, I do remember there being a time when the doctor said I needed to … [Read more...]

Running in Rochester

For 27 years, I hated running. Yes, I really HATED it.  I’ll never forget that first “long run” with a friend that was just 2.6 miles but I couldn’t even finish.   Surprisingly, that day was the beginning of a new found love of running, and unexpectedly finding out that getting in shape through running in Rochester is something that we can be proud and feel blessed to embrace. Rochester is set apart with access to so many aspects that are supreme for becoming a runner, recreationally and … [Read more...]