Dear Crabby, Should I Hire a Snowplow Guy?

Dear Crabby, I hate shoveling my driveway when it snows. Would you recommend hiring a snowplow guy to do it for me? Will it be worth the money?  Will I be happy with that decision? Sincerely, Lazy Lou Dear Lou, I'm not sure about your happiness Lou, but I can tell you about my experience with this. One winter after I threw my back out for a second time, I broke down and hired this fella to plow my driveway. He left a flyer on my mailbox that said he would plow my driveway for $25 … [Read more...]

April Snow in the Rochester Area

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) salt trucks are out in nearly full force this morning battling the unwelcome snow. Crews were called in beginning at approximately 3 a.m. and were on the road when the first snow flakes landed. So far, we are not seeing any significant problems resulting from the snow. Most roads remain just wet, though there is some snow accumulation on some shoulders. We're watching the bridges and overpasses in particular, as those are the first to ice up. … [Read more...]

Salt or Sand on Our Icy Roads

Again this morning all RCOC trucks are on the road (we've been out non-stop for close to 60 hours now), and will be throughout the day today salting and cleaning up. The low temperatures overnight last night and Sunday night made it very difficult, as the salt is essentially ineffective when the temperatures are in the single digits. We've also been struggling with a reduced workforce (due to declining road funding). However, we're hopeful that we'll be able to make a lot of progress today, as … [Read more...]

Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling this Winter Season

ROCHESTER, MICH. - As the temperatures fall, so does snow, which means many people will suffer from injuries due to clearing it out of the way. In order to avoid these painful injuries from shoveling snow, there are simple tips to keep in mind and put to use. 1. Warm up and stretch: It's warm in the house and cold outside. By taking a short walk outside before starting, your muscles will get warmed up. 2. Invest in a good shovel:  Not all of us have a snowblower, but using that 20-year-old … [Read more...]