‘Doing the Most Good’ at the Royal Park

The Royal Park Hotel team is deeply honored to have been awarded the Salvation Army’s “Doing the Most Good Award,” after raising more than $200,000 for Salvation Army efforts throughout the past 12 years.  At the Royal Park Hotel, doing good is at the heard of its mission, and we are excited to be a part of this year’s Hope Marches On campaign.  At the awards ceremony on September 15, members of our team received the award and recommitted to keep striving toward doing all we can … [Read more...]

Hollywood Markets commits to matching donations for Hurricane Sandy relief

In light of the recent devastation on the east coast, Hollywood Markets has committed to matching donations made at Hollywood stores for relief efforts related to Hurricane Sandy. Hollywood commits to matching the first $10,000 in donations. These funds will be sent to the Salvation Army to help with their relief work in the Northeastern states affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Hollywood Markets is asking that all who can, to help with this important effort to provide aid to those in desperate … [Read more...]