Rochester School Wins Grand Prize Winner 2015 National Future City Competition

For the second straight year, Michigan's Future City team from St. John Lutheran School in Rochester has won the National Future City Competition. Teams from 37 middle schools and organizations from across the country participated in the finals, which took place as part of Engineers Week, February 14-18, 2015. Since last fall, 40,000 middle school students from 1,350 schools have been engaged in the 2014-15 Future City Competition. The judging was held Monday and Tuesday in Washington, … [Read more...]

What does our brain do while we snooze?

Sleep—a favored activity by many, but a crucial habit for survival by nearly all animals. So it’s no new news that scientists have long wondered why sleep is so important. It’s prompted many to explore what is really happening in our brain while we are off in dreamland. But last week, researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center for Translational Neuromedicine in New York published their latest discovery in the journal Science that they hope will help answer this query. … [Read more...]

Are your kids signed up for Mich.’s virtual science fair? Compete from home (for free) and win prizes! Deadline is Oct. 4

Foam boards strewn with construction paper and glue may be a thing of the past when it comes to science fair projects. And kids are now competing against classmates statewide, without the drive time, too. In its second year, the Michigan Department of Community Health’s Explore Lab Science Program brings students a virtual science fair. Kindergarteners to high schoolers are participating as the program began accepting project submissions on Sept. 4 and will close on Friday, Oct. 4 … [Read more...]