Remembering Ian W. Beaton

Submitted by Scot Beaton Ian W. Beaton passed away March 23, 2018. He was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, on March 10, 1924 and moved with his parents, William and Margaret Beaton, to Flint, Michigan when he was a toddler. He is preceded in death by his sister Donna, and his beloved wife, Carol Beaton, who died 2-12-18. Ian is survived by his daughter, Lynda Beaton (Bob), his son Scot Beaton (Pattie), granddaughters Kelly Ainsworth and Christie Beaton, and grandson Ian Beaton. Ian … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Hamlin Road & the Penberthy Family

I am appalled that as a former City Council President I have to read this in The Detroit News and Rochester Patch! Where is the press release from the Mayor's office that takes ownership for the entire Hamlin Road project! Where is the press release from the Mayor's office that Rochester Hills will do everything in it's power to assist this family! Where is the press release that the City will take personally responsible for all inconvenience and damages to this property! Where is the … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Proposed Hamlin Road Construction

Please Note: Rochester Hills resident Scot Beaton originally published portions of the article below in 2013 with regards to the proposed construction to Hamlin Road, which is back on the Rochester Hills City Council Agenda on Monday, December 8 at 7 p.m. The views expressed are his own and in no way constitutes an endorsement by Rochester Media. “Big Yellow Taxi” Lyrics by Joni Mitchell They paved paradise and put up a parking lot With a pink hotel, a boutique and a swinging hot … [Read more...]

Op-Ed Proposed Rochester Hills Memory Care Facility

Please Note: The article below is an opinion expressed by Rochester Hills resident Scot Beaton and in no way constitutes an endorsement by Rochester Media. City Council Regular Meeting:  12/8/2014 at 7 p.m. Memory Care facility proposed for South Blvd. Rochester Hills Agenda item 2013-0360 "Acceptance for First Reading – An Amendment to Chapter 138 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Rochester Hills to rezone a parcel of land totaling approximately 1.36 acres, located at 880 … [Read more...]

Op-Ed on Proposal For Increasing Fire Millage

Please Note: The following is an opinion/editorial letter from former Rochester Hills City Councilman Scot Beaton regarding the proposed fire millage that will be on the upcoming ballot in November. These opinions are his own and should in no way be considered an endorsement by Rochester Media, but rather to show our continuing commitment to presenting all sides of a story and/or issue. You can read former Rochester Hills City Councilman Ravi Yalamanchi’s Opposing stance on the issue … [Read more...]

Citizen Opinion: Show Me the Money

Citizen Opinion by Scot Beaton Fiscal Responsibility, Rochester Hills Hats off to all those who worked on the police millage proposal: Don Cline, Dale Hetrick, Walter Johnson, Linda Raschke, LeAnne Rogers, Nancy Soisson and Thomas Stephens. (hundreds of hours of work NO compensation from the city) but because of the current economic condition the nation is currently in, threats of a fiscal cliff etc., a straight up renewal would probably be the only millage the residents of Rochester Hills … [Read more...]

Citizen Opinion: Let’s all help RARA

Citizen Opinion by Scot Beaton RARA and the Rochester Hills city council made a $2.6 million dollar mistake on Monday May 7. And they did it with your money! Since 1946, the Rochester Avon Recreation Authority (RARA) has provided recreation programs from toddlers to adults in a variety of areas, such as dance, sports classes, sport leagues, pre-school classes, special events, fitness, skiing, and so much more. RARA allows you to enjoy diverse recreational opportunities right here in our … [Read more...]

Resident Opinion on a Proposal for Tienken Rd and Livernois east to Sheldon Rd

I want this to be our idea (the residents of Rochester Hills) Let's rebuild Tienken Rd. as a 2 lane 40mph (design speed)* parkway with bike lanes and sidewalks (est. cost $9,500,000.00 million) roughly the same amount as original 5 lane highway and not the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) new 50mph (design speed)* 3 lane highway (est. $8,158,400.00 million) proposal ($3,944,400.00 in right-of-way purchases) ($4,214,000.00 construction cost). If our goal is Birmingham, Northville, … [Read more...]

Just the Facts on the OPC- A Residents Opinion

"The mission of the Older Person's Commission (OPC) is to address the needs of older persons, 60-years and older, regardless of income, race, religion, nationality, physical, or mental ability that live in Rochester Hills, Rochester, and Oakland Township.The OPC's goal is to provide nutritional meals, services, health and wellness, social and educational activities, transportation, adult day services, and community outreach opportunities." page 232 Rochester Hills 2012 budget. note: next year I … [Read more...]

Scot Beaton Designs New City Logo- Please Vote!

Upscale Design Proposed by Scot Beaton free of charge 1. Logo color and type font... We do now have a simple clean logo thanks to Royal Oak Michigan. Just needs a few tweaks. Just needs upscale colors and an upscale type font. Please let me know... do you like the one on the left or the new one I did on the right... If you like the one on the right please let the Mayor know. Why? can't we use upscale colors; our new sign will have a dead brown tree on it in a field of … [Read more...]