Amelia Island at 8 MPH

Have you ever been on a Segway? Do you know what a Segway is? A trip to Amelia Island Plantation is one of those destinations where visitors can try one. The Plantation is “Florida’s premier island resort." It is located off the state's northeast coast and should be a consideration when planning your winter vacation. You have most likely seen a Segway on television. They are those funny-looking transportation devices that policemen in big cities use. You may also have seen a security guard in … [Read more...]

Rochester Police Receive Donated Segways

You may have seen the Rochester Police riding around this weekend on some new equipment.  The new vehicles are Segway Personal Transporters. A local citizen recently donated the pair of Segways to the Rochester Police Force, making their dream a reality.  I was able to meet with Police Chief Steve Schettenhelm to discuss their new additions and watch him take one for a ride.  "They are really nice," said Chief Schettenhelm, "I have been in contact with the Wayne State Police Department, and … [Read more...]