Rochester Community Schools CLOSED, Most Others Open

It's a Snow Day for Rochester Community Schools. A late notice went out about 6:00 a.m., upsetting some parents whose children have to be ready for 6:30 a.m. buses. All the kids were reported to fine with the decision and went back to sleep. Oakland University OPEN Rochester College OPEN Oakland Community College OPEN Avondale Schools OPEN Rochester Community Schools CLOSED Click For a Complete List of Closed Schools … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Winter Storm 2014 Warning

From a condo association in Rochester Hills today: The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning that includes all of us in Southern Michigan regarding a major snow storm with forecasted snow totals up to 12”. This storm will begin affecting our area sometime tonight. It will continue until sometime late Sunday p. m. or sometime Monday a.m. It’s very possible snow totals could go even higher. Blowing and drifting ground & roof snow will become an additional issue. We urge … [Read more...]

Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling this Winter Season

ROCHESTER, MICH. - As the temperatures fall, so does snow, which means many people will suffer from injuries due to clearing it out of the way. In order to avoid these painful injuries from shoveling snow, there are simple tips to keep in mind and put to use. 1. Warm up and stretch: It's warm in the house and cold outside. By taking a short walk outside before starting, your muscles will get warmed up. 2. Invest in a good shovel:  Not all of us have a snowblower, but using that 20-year-old … [Read more...]