Author’s Corner: When Social Media Hurts

When Social Media Hurts I was reminded by comments in a recent writing group discussion, that authors must be mindful of their social media endeavors. I agree. You need visibility for your work. Every product needs some form of marketing to garner recognition. When I first started as an independent author, the prevailing wisdom said you needed to be everywhere, from social media platforms to public speaking events. It was all supposed to gain exposure and give the appearance of … [Read more...]


Hashtags have made an impression on our lives, haven't they? Before social media I doubt that this fun little character ever got much attention. However, now it is super popular, first appearing on Twitter and now having been absorbed onto Facebook. Personally, I don't use hashtags publicly because it's just too much pressure. You have to be clever, funny and get your point across with as few letters as possible. That's not really my thing. My husband and I have been adding hashtags to our … [Read more...]

Register for the Spring Rochester Writers’ Conference

If you missed the Fall Rochester Writers’ Conference at Oakland University last October, you have another chance. this time you'll have a chance to glean insights from some of the area’s best social media and blogging minds. The Spring Conference will be held Saturday, April 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Oakland Center on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester, MI. Your day will include workshops, lectures, and panel discussions in Social Media Platforms, Blogging, and Online … [Read more...]

Burning Bridges

Last week I blew it. It wasn't like a little everyday mishap; it was one that after the smoke cleared, the bridge behind me was ashes and gone. The mistake I made is one that's become too common in social media: engaging in the Facebook argument. If you haven't been victim of one of these implosions, you've surely stalked the progress between others just to watch the drama unfold. A short summary of how this plays out is that first, someone posts something you disagree with. Thinking you … [Read more...]

How social media gave me a second chance to be a better friend

As a stay-at-home-mom, I often turn to social media as a means of, well, socializing. It’s a challenge to talk on the phone, even for a few minutes, so it’s easier to pick up my phone, scroll through a few photos or status updates and then I can just as easily put my phone down to see to the needs of my children. For the most part, I have enjoyed reconnecting with ‘friends’ who I had previously lost contact with. When I reflect on these people, few were, by definition, true friends from high … [Read more...]

A Pin for your Thoughts

It's almost embarrassing how many of my conversations now start with the line, "So I saw this really cool idea on Pinterest...” By now, you too have probably at least heard of this new site and application that combines searching for things and social media. Some say it's addicting, while some say it wastes time, but I say it's inspiring. Pinterest is easily explained as a virtual corkboard where you can "pin" your interests. You can search for just about anything, follow things other … [Read more...]

Social Media Author Helps Area Nonprofit Find Volunteers and Raise Awareness

Rochester Hills, Mich. - October 2nd, 2010 – Dial Help upgraded its social media presence this summer with help from Great Lakes Center for Youth Development (GLCYD) and “Web 2.0 for Nonprofit Organizations” author Dana Cadman. Thanks to an award form GLCYD, the staff at Dial Help received the training and assistance they needed to optimize their blog and Facebook account, and begin using other social media tools, like Twitter. “We are really excited about these new tools to connect with … [Read more...]

Social Media and Your Job Search

You already use Facebook and other forms of social media to stay connected with friends, so why not leverage it for your job search? Here"s an overview of ways to incorporate social media as part of your job search strategy. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a "must do" for your job search. Recruiters and hiring managers have started to rely on LinkedIn as a key source for candidate searches.  Create a profile on LinkedIn that details your experience, expertise, and interests. You can search companies … [Read more...]

Kick off Your Job Search and Have Fun Along the Way

The thought of kicking off your job search can be somewhat daunting. It doesn't have to be all work and no play though. Here are some suggestions for making your job search easy, effective, and enjoyable.  Connect with People You Know Family, friends, associates, neighbors, and local business owners are great sources for job leads. Reach out to your immediate circle to tell them about your job search, to ask for introductions to people they know, and to enlist their support. Even if … [Read more...]