Dear Crabby, What Sports are on TV Right Now?

Dear Crabby, With Everything Being Canceled, What Sports (if any) are on TV Right Now? Sincerely, Missy May Sports   Hello Missy May, I'm missing my sports too! Being locked up (so to speak) without much to watch. I'm already tired of the virus news on TV ... I know, I know ... we're a hot spot. But I just am tired of it all. The kids and grandkids can't come near me, and Mrs. Crabby keeps her distance (but that's nothing new). So what is there to do or watch? Well, if you … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Will my marriage last if we cheer for different teams?

Dear Crabby, My wife went to the University of Michigan and I went to Michigan State. Will our marriage suffer if we cheer against each other at sporting events? Sincerely, Sparty On Dear Sparty On, Well, I am guessing you are somewhat of a newlywed. Mostly because if you think you will always be on the same side on things, you have a lot to learn about marriage. It is not about what side you cheer for, it is about getting along in spite of who the other cheers for. However, I do … [Read more...]

All-Oakland County Baseball Standings from 2013

ALL-OAKLAND ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION BASEBALL 2013   ALL-OAA RED DIVISION FINAL STANDINGS — 1. (tie) Lake Orion (11-4); Clarkston (11-4); 3. (tie) Rochester Adams (8-7); Rochester Stoney Creek (8-7); 5. Oxford (5-10); 6. Rochester (3-12). Lake Orion: Nick Deeg, sr.; Nick Vogelmeier, sr.; Brad Schaenzer, jr.; Ryan Lambrecht, jr.; Roman Kuster, sr. Clarkston: David Stewart, jr.; Ryan Rea, jr.; Joe Popp, soph.; Nick Mazzone, sr.; Ryan Slaughter, sr. Rochester Adams: CJ Borglin, sr. … [Read more...]

Finding Friends to Enjoy the Joys of Summer

Hiking through thick woods and setting up camp in the twilight is all worth it when the stars come out and dot the night sky. Kicking a soccer ball past the fingertips of the goalie makes your racing heart beat even faster. Zipping across a peaceful Michigan lake in a kayak for the first time calms the soul. All you need now is a group of like-minded individuals to share the adventure with. Both traditional organizations and Internet groups provide that opportunity. Metro Detroit Athletes … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Does Coaching Kids Make You Cringe?

Dear Crabby, My kids are always wanting to try new sports, and we encourage that. But it seems like every time they go out for something, the organization puts pressure on us to get involved as coaches. Did you ever deal with this, or is this a new trend? Sincerely, Preston T. Coaching Dear Mr. Coaching, My kids did want to try new things, and we also encouraged that when they were young. One year, my son and his friends wanted to play baseball, but the school claimed that they … [Read more...]

Is your child going to play NCAA sports?

Many student athletes have the dream of playing college sports, and many parents have the dream of them receiving scholarship funding. However, if neither the student nor the parent is aware of the registration process these dreams will be dashed.  I was informed this week that if any high school senior desires to get a scholarship for sports in the NCAA then they must register before September 1 of their Freshman year in College with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Please click this link to learn … [Read more...]

High School Sports Coverage

We will be working diligently to bring you accurate high school sports coverage as much is possible here at Rochester Media. However, in the meantime we have made a great connection with veteran journalist Dan Stickradt from North Oakland Sports. We will be linking with his efforts at for even better coverage of what is happening in our community. A little history on Dan directly from his website;  Going to high school games with my father in the late 1970s, "I … [Read more...]